News 21-12-2019 PDK tournament

The definitive match schedule of the Prima Donna Cheese volleyball tournament 2019 is online at 
The previously published schedule was programmed automatically by the software 
and left a lot to be desired. Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion.


The tournament focusses on the top volleyball teams of the Netherlands and foreign teams. Because of the international character of this tournament we will maintain the international age boundaries.

Boys under 19 born on or after 01-01-2001
Boys under 15 born on or after 01-01-2005
Girls under 19 born on or after 01-01-2001
Girls under 17 born on or after 01-01-2003
Girls under 15 born on or after 01-01-2005

Dispensation possibilities

Every team is allowed to have a maximum of two players who do not make the age mark. These players are allowed to be six months over the age limitation (see above), maximum (born on or after 01-07-20…)
Boys teams are allowed to have a girl as a team member, but not vice versa. Girls teams are not allowed to have a boy as a team member.
It is allowed for players to play in multiple teams provided that they make the age mark. But please be aware of the fact that we CAN NOT take this into account with making the playing schedules, so make sure that each team has enough players if both teams have to play at the same time.
Every players age is going to be verified at the beginning of the first game, this means you are obliged to have your identification (passport or ID-card) with you.

all teams must provide a referee, with the exception of those coming from outside the Netherlands.

The tournament will start on the 28th of December at 10.00 AM, (gym open from 9:00, start warming up possible from 9:15) and will last until 21.00.
On the 29th of December the tournament will start at 9.00 AM (gym open from 8:30) and it will end aprox 17.30.

In the first round all teams will play two sets up until 21 points.
In the knock-out round we will work with 'the best of three', 2 sets of 21 points, 3rd set until 15 points.
Finals B<15, B<19, G<15, G<19 and poule place 1e/2e/3e G<17; 'the best of three', 2 sets of 25 points, 3rd set until 15 points.

Address volleyballhal (gym)
Topsportcentrum De Beuk
van IJsendijkstraat 365
1442 LB Purmerend 

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